Meet Stephen

stephen barth
/stee-vun bahrth/

a multifaceted and eclectic human being who currently resides on planet Earth
an attorney; a professor; an author; an entrepreneur; a keynote speaker
synonyms: Steve, Steve-o, Lord Barth, SB

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Stephen Barth, coauthor of Hospitality Law, is the founder of, the annual Hospitality Law Conference series, and the Global Travel Risk Summit Series. He teaches courses in hospitality law and leadership at the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management, University of Houston. In addition to legal and risk management insight, Stephen specializes in communicating the importance of Emotional Intelligence in leadership roles.

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Stephen Barth, collector of books, is also an avid fan of planners, puppies, and plants. He enjoys tennis and yoga prefers not to drive. His favorite color is blue and his least favorite vegetable is rutabaga. He prefers sunshine over cold. He is six feet two.

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Stephen Barth

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