As customers, the amount of wordsmithing we are all exposed to can be tremendous with vague, brief soundbites and interpretation sometimes ambiguous. Phrases like great service and great value, words like experienced or global, or preferred terms with preferred suppliers and of course words like biggest or fastest can seem to be commonplace.

From our perspective, that’s marketing, not results. Does booking more or buying more save you more? How much more? How about faster? Does seeing non guaranteed options “faster” translate to savings, or decrease the time and effort spent in purchasing? How does the value of a supplier partnership get the customer a tangible value, something that can’t be secured direct, or can it? Does having a pre-approved agreement someone else wrote mean that its a benefit to you? How about more data and more reports? Does that add value or save you money, or improve the processes or traveler experience?

It takes more than a few words to explain why you should use Procurigence, and at Procurigence we stand behind what we say.

You should use us because we believe that it is the people who do the work; not the brand, and at Procurigence we focus on the people. We focus on attracting, retaining, improving and supporting the people; our people who do the work, so they can provide you the customer, the absolute best. We bring a consortia of talent and a conglomerate of industry thought leadership to you on your project or program.

You should use us because of what we deliver. We come to the table prepared, supported by an infrastructure designed for collaboration. This provides our clients the security of shared knowledge response with our ” next man up” approach. Its how business should be done and we do real business with real deliverables.

You should use us because our commitment to being unbiased in approach or belief makes our business relationships transparent. Clean clear financial disclosure of revenues to the company come from specific projects; not shelf space, advertising space, sponsorship, membership, partnership, or other non-neutral supplier side funds.

You should use us because as your advocate, we have stewardship responsibilities in protecting your data and notifying you of its use and with whom.

You should use us as we stand behind our advise as professional consultants with client protection as a standard.

You should use us because we recognize that you and your project or meeting is unique to you and that you deserve our unique attention.

You should use us because we find the methods and processes and business models to best work for you and with you and expect to earn your business based on a new professional experience relationship time and time again.

Perhaps the real question isn’t why you should use us but rather why aren’t you using us?

Speak to us today about what makes Procurigence the team to trust your next program or project with. The advantages are numerous. We’re comfortable answering that question and look forward to proving our worth.


We are here to help you when you need it, and we assist you in your planning to prevent that need from arising. You determine the when, why, where, and how you need assistance.


There is a collaborative value in supporting both the managed travel and meetings industry. We learn and are able to help more clients from all by supporting all.


People do the work; brands support their people who do the work and the customer’s who need the support. At Procurigence, we stand behind our people. You will see and know just how much we support the efforts of our people working for you.


People do the work; not brands or companies. Brands exist to standardize processes and create ease in the management of those processes. What matters most are people; and for you, the client, the most important person is the one you with whom you are working right now. The talent and service on your job makes the difference in outcomes, not the size of the company. In a world of available talent, we ensure you understand the who behind the what and what you are getting.


Procurigence clientele receive additional benefits through our collective. We encourage clients to work together in tandem with Procurigence for the mutual benefit of each member. We are committed to learning; collaborating; and co-creating tools, techniques, and processes to lower costs, increase efficiencies, and elevate user experiences. We believe that the outstanding talents of our team members combined with the incredible efforts of our customers, industry suppliers, and network strengthen us as a collective. This happens naturally at a conference, in a chat room, or in peer-to-peer communications. We do not accept marketing, partnership, or any type of funding from suppliers that is not specifically driven by a relevant piece of business.